The condition of urgency in which education in overall Europe suddenly was consequently to the pandemic, led to an acceleration of solutions made immediately available, especially regarding the technologies that have been provided both as free open educational resources or under low cost educational licence. However, this availability of solutions and positive effects, could not include the immediate coverage of broadband internet connection everywhere, with the real occurence of a digital divide issue in some of the project countries, in which the poor connection made it difficult for some students to participate to the e-learning.

vWBL addresses to filling these gaps with a comprehensive, innovative and specific training to VET teachers on virtual Work-Based Learning (virtual WBL).

The project proposes specific training to VET teachers on virtual WBL, particularly operating in the area of the competences of the VET teachers to be aware of the potential effectivenesss of the virtual vWBL (virtual Work-Based Learning) and to create their own impacting simulations of WBL.
Furthermore, the vWBL training pays special attention to the digital divide issue, including in the training all necessary support to inform the VET teachers about the issue of creating vWBL that will be usuable also by students having poor digital connection or device.

In this way, the project contributes to enhance inclusion and prevent the risk that categories of learners would be disadvantaged or excluded from learning.