The design of the vWBL course for VET

Course design

The vWBL course is designed to provide support to VET teachers's upskilling on the use of virtual WBL, including all aspects which are the key components and enabling factors of the vWBL framework, such as:

  • Use of existing digital skills to acquire competences on new opportunities in vWBL
  • Teachers’ cooperation in the preparation of learning tasks
  • Teachers’ cooperation in assessment
  • Use of digital opportunities for quick feedback from learners
  • Use of online information, forums and social media for teachers's cooperation
  • Upskilling existing teachers’ skills on digital media management and production
  • Enhancement of digital skills through training, collaboration and peerlearning
  • Objectives and plans of learning activities in distance learning that are clear and traceable for learners
  • Formative assessment to support learners with personalized learning
  • Teachers with upskilled competences on virtual WBL as propagators of professional improvement for other teachers/peers
  • Variations in learning tasks and assessments
  • Digital solutions used for individual consultation