The vWBL partners

EPRALIMA Escola profissional do Alto Lima - Cooperativa de interesse publico e responsabilidade limitada

Epralima is situated in the small picturesque town of Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal, conveniently situated between the cities of Oporto and Vigo (Spain) and close to the coastal towns of the Atlantic Ocean. Epralima is a cooperative organization, composed by institutions deeply solidified within the social, economic, cultural and local levels, namely, the municipalities of Arcos de Valdevez and Ponte da Barca, the Northwestern Agricultural Mutual Credit Bank, the Commercial and Industrial Association of Arcos de Valdevez and Ponte da Barca, Artelima_Alto Lima’s Academy of Arts and the Arcuense Heritage Study Group.
Epralima has based its developmental strategy on preparing youths and adults for the exercise of qualified professions, by developing mechanisms that create closer ties between the school and economic institutions, as well as professional and cultural associations within the social tissue, in the name of achieving an integrated and qualified entrepreneurial training project, which meets the integrated developmental needs of the country, particularly at the regional and local levels. 

Kuressaare Ametikool (KRTC) is a regional training centre of vocational education with 147 staff members (incl 86 teachers).KRTC provides initial and additional vocational (EQF Level 3-5) training and also retraining in 15 different vocational areas, the biggest among these are Tourism, catering and design. There are ca 800 regular students on upper and post-secondary level, but also ca 1000 adult students during a year on different adult training courses. We provide also courses for people with special needs. KRTC has a remarkable experience with cooperation with local enterprises and labour market office. One of KRTC's tasks is to train the tutors in enterprises and assess and accredit companies before students' work-placement arrangements. KRTC is implementing quality management principles and has taken part in Quality Award competitions for VET institutions in Estonia. Since 2011 KRTC has been involved in quality assurance program of Estonian VET institutions, all our curriculum groups (vocational areas) are accredited. KRTC is a member of European Association of Hotel and Tourism Schools (

JANUS s.r.l. is an Italian privately owned company that creates and develops innovative software applications for public and private entities, to cultural, training and education as well as business scopes. JANUS ensures the compatibility of its outputs with any kind of network (Internet, intranet and/or extranet). The services provided by the company include also graphic design and digital/multimedia production. All JANUS services are supported with assistance, technical manuals and training. Among the successful productions of JANUS, there are “AmaMusei” and "Amacittà", consisting in integrated platform and apps based on the BAC – Beacon Access Control. Both products are being broadly used by a large number of Museums and Municipalities in Italy.

The University of Naples Federico II was the first publicly funded university in Europe, established in 1224 through an Imperial Charter of Frederick II Hohenstaufen, King of Sicily and Holy Roman Emperor. Nowadays the University offers courses in essentially all academic disciplines,leading to one hundred fifty five graduate level degrees. Research facilities provide support to all these courses. Students are given the opportunity to pursue intellectual development as well as the acquisition of professional skills. Current student enrollment nears 90,000 and the academic personnel, at this time, are 3,121.
The Department of Political Science is one of the new 26 Departments of the University of Naples Federico II. Didactics and research are inspired by a multidisciplinary approach suitable to attain a broader understanding of social questions in order to meet the contemporary challenges. The actual courses of the Department of Political Science are functional to the achievement of expertise fully matching the evolution of the socio-economic system and the labor market, enhancing qualified employment opportunities.

INTERNATIONAL PLATFORM FOR CITIZEN PARTICIPATION IPCP is an international non governmental organization working actively to foster intercultural dialogue and crossborder mobility, human rights and local democracy. Founded in 2002, today IPCP is an important platform connecting local authorities and civil society, with 3.000 members - of which 54 are organizations, from more than 20 countries (among which there are CZ, DN, ES, FR, GR, LT, PL, RO, TR, UK) sharing interests in theory, methods and practice of intercultural dialogue and cross-border mobility.
The main targets of IPCP are: 

  • To develop and endorse the major values of the civil society through culture, education and science;
  • To support development/valorisation of Bulgarian culture, cultural heritage and education, in Bulgaria and the other countries;
  • To improve the competitiveness of small and middle enterprises through the promotion of new business opportunities and cooperation;
  • To assist the social integration and personal orientation of youth and people in vulnerable social status in the area of education.

Eurosuccess Consulting  (EUROSC) is a Consulting & Training organization active in the field of project management, training & consulting services. Through a dynamic team of young scientists, EUROSC provides a comprehensive package of services addressing the needs of various target groups and organizations, regarding their lifelong learning opportunities, in Cyprus and abroad. Today EUROSUCCESS offers a variety of services to the Public, as well as the Private sector of Cyprus. It also actively participates in international schemes, through a wellestablished network of partners abroad, based on the intense past experience of its founder. EUROSC aims to a constant improvement of its offered services, as well the development of its team which will give the opportunity to enhance its scientific sector of expertise. EUROSC is a member of the: European Forum of Vocational Education and Training (EfVET), International Trade Council, European Prison Education Association (EPEA), European Policy Network on Key Competences in School Education (KeyCoNet Network), Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), and Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEB) and Nicosia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI). Furthermore, EUROSC is an accredited VET Center from the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus, the relevant public authority as regards to training and education. 

OIC Poland Foundation,  from 1991 acting for economic and social progress in the south-eastern Poland, belongs to the leading group of training organisations in Lublin region. “Opportunity, Innovation, Creativity” are the three tenets that drive the organization going forward.
The main aim of the OIC Poland Foundation is prevention of unemployment and fostering economic development by implementation of the educational and counselling programmes, creating business opportunities, developing entrepreneurial skills and providing support measures for newly established companies and start-ups, as well as other services targeted at inhabitants of the region. OIC  implemented numerous projects co-funded under the LLP programme focused on transversal competencies, addressed to companies, managers, start-ups and potential entrepreneurs. It has implemented more than 250 different projects co-funded by the EU under different programme as ESF, ERDF, ERASMUS+, COSME, Neighbourhood Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme, 6th Framework Programme, Interreg, LLP. OIC Poland Foundation is certified ISO in training services, consultancy, financial and information services.