The vWBL branding

vWBL identiy

The vWBL project designed its branding strategy, of which this website is a key propagator, based on logo and visual identity.

The logo was conceived as if it were a precise and complex artifact, in which a small object must fit perfectly within another.
The small object is represented by the element of the design "v", whilst the element "WBL" stands for the more complex and comprehensive context of artifacts.
The spaces are precise and rigorous, giving shape to the order that is necessary to achieve the result of creating complex artifacts.
Activities requiring manual skills as well as knowledge of techniques, technologies and materials, are skills traditionally learned through study in combination with practical exercises and that the project intends to achieve through the virtual simulation of a practice-based training experience.

The vWBL logo is meant to evoke the specific need of expert precision and skills that are necessary also in the digital learning experience in order that the online training will be as much effective as the on-site one.

vWBL visual identity

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