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The Guide for VET teachers to virtual WBL

vWBL Guide

The Guide for VET teachers to virtual WBL presents statements, statement, standards and recommendations to the virtual WBL, based on the consultation of experienced VET professionals in the European project countries Portugal, Estonia, Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Poland that was conducted at the start of the project.
The vWBL Guide is available in English, Portuguese, Estonian, Italian, Bulgarian, Greek and Polish.

Piloting the course

Piloting EN

With support of the vWBL Guide for VET teachers, the created multilingual vWBL online course is going to be piloted in Portugal, Estonia, Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Poland.

vWBL branding

The WBL logo was conceived as if it were a precise and complex artifact, in which the small object "v" perfectly fits within the other element of the design "WBL", the latter standing for the more complex and comprehensive context of artifacts.
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